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Plush Motor Group Is The Premier Luxury Car Rental Source For South Florida. We Specialize In Providing Our Clients With Top Of The Line Cars And Trucks At Competitive Prices. We Strive To Always Update our Fleet With The Newest Vehicles On The Market. Whether It’s A Night In South Beach Or A Weekend Getaway We Have You Covered!

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Car rental, limousine, and car hire. All in one service.

We Offer Top Of The Line Cars and Trucks for Daily and Weekly Rentals. We Are Always Adding Cars To Our Line Up Call Us If You Don’t See What You Are Looking For!

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Results Driven

Our success is measured by your experience.  We are driven by out doing the competition, putting you in your vehicle and beating any offer you receive on paper.

Proven Technology

Plush Motor Group has the proven experience to beat out your local dealership on both price and financing options.  With 10 years experience, we are not blazing any new trails with your automobile purchase.

Winning Culture

At Plush Motor Group we are used to winning, which means our customers are used to winning.  It does not come as a shock when we are able to deliver.  Our business thrives off of our customers’ positive experience.  Our motto:  Never settle.

Top Performance

Our sales people performance are tops in the nation.  Sit back and relax and enjoy your hassle free, stress free experience as we partner up with you to put you in your top performance vehicle and deliver it to your doorstep at a better price than you could have ever imagined.

Let's Ride.

We are one of the Best Car Rental Services in South Florida.

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